Aisling and Trish Leonard-Curtin, co-directors of ACT Now Purposeful Living, are a couple of psychologists who also happen to be a couple. Together, they are passionate about empowering people to live their best lives by taking one small step at a time towards a life worth fighting for. They regularly give workshops internationally and have been featured on a number of media outlets.


    The Power of Small is their first book together and in it, they describe how this revolutionary incremental approach has helped their many clients and how it can help you.

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    Aisling and Trish both offer counseling sessions to individuals, couples, & groups.


    For more information and to check availability, please contact info@actnow.co


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    If your mind tells you that certain life changes are unattainable, undeserved, or too hot to handle, this simple and effective book is the one for you.


    Rather than waiting for the big life-changing moments which more often than not don't happen, The Power of Small shows you how to take manageable steps & create opportunities that change your life, one decision at a time.


    Emphasizing self-compassion as a means to gently expand your comfort zone, The Power of Small technique shows us how to move towards what is important without becoming overwhelmed.


    Read more about the comfort zone by scrolling down to the free download of the introductory chapters.

  • Free Resources

    My Power of Small Toolkit

    Bring the evidence-based skills from The Power of Small into your daily life for powerful and longlasting change

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    Mindfulness of thoughts, emotions and sensations exercise

    Leaves on a stream

    Practice observing your thoughts, emotions and internal sensations, as they naturally come and go, without hanging on to them or pushing them away. Learn to observe your thoughts without judgment and to stay grounded in the present moment, even when you are experiencing challenging or unwanted thoughts, emotions or physical sensations.

    Click to play recording

    Connect and ground in your body in the present moment

    Breathe in to your body

    Practice building your awareness of your breathe as a powerful way of connecting with the present moment. Regular practice can help you to focus your mind and ground your intention in the present moment. It can be a particulalry helpful exercise to practice when you are busy and feeling stretched in lots of different directions.

    Click to play recording

    Take five minutes each day to move towards your goals

    Five minute commitment and confidence breakout

    This exercise will help guide you towards reflecting on the most meaningful changes you can make in just five minutes every day. Take some time to connect with the values underlying the changes you want to make and the importance of your goal. Build your confidence to commit to move towards your important goal through manageable small steps. Take these small steps consistently over one week as you move gently towards your goal.

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    Free Introductory Chapters

    Take your first small steps into the number one bestselling book

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    Free Power of Small Handout


    A big thank you to everyone who took the time to read The Power of Small and give us valuable feedback

    We need more Aisling’s and Trish’s to help people navigate their pain and learn to accept and live with it, which ultimately can lead to a far happier existence.


     Niall Breslin, Mental Health Advocate, Creative Director and Co-Founder of A Lust for Life, Author of Me and My Mate Jeffrey


    This book is an invaluable manual for figuring out what truly matters to us, naming and tackling the things that hold us back from living a richer and more meaningful life.


    Jennifer O’Connell, Irish Times journalist


    I have to believe that this is the most transparent, easy to read, practical self-help book ever written. There is some small piece of hope and wisdom for everyone in this captivating book on the small steps we can take to live a very large life.


    Dr. Kirk Strosahl, Co-founder, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Author of In This Moment: Five Steps for Transcending Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroscience


    Filled with evidence-based wisdom presented in clear, simple language, this book helps us all take the small steps now that can change the course of our lives.

    Highly recommended.


    Dr. Steven C. Hayes, Co-founder, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Psychology Professor, University of Nevada, Reno. Author of Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life

    At last! A book that shows you realistically how to transform your life, one small step at a time.


    Dr. Russ Harris, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Expert & author of the international bestseller The Happiness Trap


    I love this book. It's done the near impossible: it's boiled down solid, evidence-based behavioural principles into a really fun and useful guide for how to shape your own actions and choices in small, steady, do-able increments, in a way that is most meaningful and impactful to you.


    Dr. Lisa W. Coyne, Licenced Psychologist & Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School. Author of The Joy of Parenting


  • The Power of Small in the Media

    Thank you to those who have helped get the Power of Small message out to as many people as possible

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